How to Hire a DJ

Compiled By The American Disc Jockey Association

It’s no news to anyone, especially the happy couple, that planning a wedding is an incredibly stressful time. Although we can’t help you decide between Pinot Grigio and Merlot, or break the news to the bridesmaids that fuchsia ruffles are all the rage in wedding attire this season, the American Disc Jockey Association is here to take some of the worry out of one of the most important aspects of your day: the reception entertainment.

To avoid wedding day disappointments, you will want to be sure that your disc jockey service is a registered and legitimate business. Both the standards that the ADJA requires of its members and the support it gives its members help ensure that your day will be handled in a professional and competent manner . . . freeing you to worry about remembering the rings or where to honeymoon.

Before hiring a disc jockey for your wedding, keep these qualifications in mind:

Professionalism: Be sure you choose a service that is registered, incorporated and/or insured.

Accessibility: Your DJ or company should be willing to meet with you beforehand so that you can see the operation, view the equipment and music library, and hear a demo. Credentials and testimonials that include current names and addresses should be available.

Equipment: Your disc jockey service should use professional audio equipment, rather than a home sound system. The equipment should be cased to give the best presentation and protection. Back Up Plan: Ask about the DJ’s plans for back up personnel or equipment in case of illness, accident, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Music Format: Choose a DJ who is willing to meet with you ahead of time to discuss your ideas for music selections. Ask if she or he will honor music requests.

Party Procedure and Etiquette: Choose a DJ who is knowledgeable about and willing to work with you in planning the announcements, schedule of events,and other aspects of your wedding and reception.

Preparing for the Event: Discuss punctuality and your expectations for when the DJ should arrive in order to set up for the event. Disc Jockey Attire: A professional DJ will dress appropriately according to your wishes. There should be no extra cost for formal attire.

The Contract: When you have found the right disc jockey for your event, be sure to obtain a written contract confirming the booking and all agreements between you and the disc jockey. Your contract should have a cancellation clause and a logical procedure for both the client and DJ to follow.

One way to be sure your disc jockey meets these qualifications is to select a member of the American Disc Jockey Association. The ADJA is an organization of professional disc jockeys whose goal is to maintain a high standard of quality in performance and business ethics. Member disc jockeys meet professional standards and strive to improve their quality of service by networking with other members across the country. The association also provides an important back up service for its members called the “DJ in Need Program”. Choosing an ADJA member disc jockey for your event means that you have chosen a professional backed by the following standards and services available to our members.

Members of the American Disc Jockey Association come with current, verifiable references and must meet professional requirements established by the association. Concerns, criticisms, and complaints about member disc jockeys are handled promptly and to the client’s satisfaction. Members who fail to maintain the association’s high standards are denied renewal of membership.

The association provides members with the opportunity to keep up to date on music, equipment, and professional standards. Working with a member of the ADJA, you can be assured that you are working with a professional who is supported by a network of other qualified professionals and services designed to make your day run smoothly.

No one wants to think about the problems that could arise, but should the unforeseen occur, an ADJA member is supported by our program which, in the case of catastrophic loss, ships a system and music overnight, to be sure your day goes as planned. For more information about the American Disc Jockey Association or ideas about planning your event, visit our web page at .